Testimonial: Diana & Sandy

This month’s featured testimonial is from Diana and Sandy.  Sandy was adopted from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.  Like many dogs, she had some naughty habits (the worst of which was barking aggressively at other dogs).  Diana had very high goals for her new dog, but had some doubts as to whether Sandy would be able to meet those criteria.  Diana says in her testimonial that I helped her to understand that “Sandy is capable of learning new things and being polite.”  With some hard work and dedication, Sandy has excelled at many tasks that used to seem “impossible.”

Among her varied accomplishments, Sandy earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title last fall.  She has also been granted “off leash playtime” in their unfenced yard.  Best of all, she is an amazing companion for Diana and can now accompany her out-and-about with lovely manners.  

I am so honored to work with this team.  Diana is a very dedicated owner and Sandy is a very lucky dog.