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Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience. Bear is a much better behaved pup. Lets just say, he and I are walking together again with confidence for the first time. I recommend her to anyone with doggie issues 🙂

Excellent Care And Training!

The staff is very friendly and supportive of you and the upkeep of the training with your loved pet! They take extra time to make sure you are comfortable with the lessons taught before you go home as well as follow up to make sure you are satisfied with your puppy's training and obedience! I have a doberman pincher who I actually enjoy spending time with now because he is not so jumpy and listens to basic commands. He has learned so much at Flying Colors and is now a joy to have as a part of our family...Thanks to Flying Colors Canine Academy! 🙂

Pack Walks are FUN!

Pack Walks are FUN!!!!!

by Beth Peniston on Flying Colors Canine Academy
Gizmo - German Shepherd, Approx 6 Months Old

We were very impressed with our experience at Flying Colors. Gizmo had reached a size where we couldn't control him (it took 2 people) and we had no idea how to start getting him to pay attention to us. We had obviously waited too long to begin training. We had a week long "boot camp" and Gizmo stayed the night. When we came back on Friday to pick him up, it was like a different dog. We are still working on getting us humans to be consistent, so he has done some backsliding - but we are practicing and he understands and pays attention now. We are looking forward to a refresher (for us) and new skills (for Gizmo) in the near future.I highly recommend Flying Colors Canine Academy! Our instructor/trainer was awesome and spent just the right amount of time explaining to us what to expect and how to keep things up when we got home.

by Joanne Gerhart on Flying Colors Canine Academy
Clarice And All Her Staff Are Folks I'd Recommend To Anyone Wanting A Well Trained Dog!

Clarice and all her staff are folks I'd recommend to anyone wanting a well trained dog!They are very professional and they can get training put on ANY dog...they had my Allie for a week. She came back knowing her heeling position MUCH better, she can now remain in a sit or down stay & "place" virtually anywhere. Her sit and down are much finer tuned...I come from the 'old school' of obedience using choke chains and prongs (if the dog needs it)...all training prior to Flying Colors Canine Academy has been all motivational and positive reinforcement using treats or if ball driven with a ball or tug as a reward.I am now a believer in Dogtra collars, and using them properly a person can attain what ever goals they want to set for themselves and their dogs!The pack walks are awesome and a GREAT way to socialize your pet with other dogs around as a much needed distraction..I will be down for more when the weather breaks :o)Please keep me posted on the tune ups as I think we'll be ready for one...if the roads remain clear for awhile yet!

I Would Recommend Flying Colors To Anyone

I would recommend Flying colors to anyone. Clarice is a great trainer. We were going to get rid of our black lab when he was 5 months old. The vet said call a trainer and see what they could do. We took our dog in and in a week Clarice had komet doing a lot of the basic commands. He just loves her and she loves all of her dogs that she trains.

by Carla Yerrick on Flying Colors Canine Academy
Wonderful Place, Caring Staff

The experience we have had with Flying Colors Canine Academy has been very positive for both us and our dog, Josie. I have been recommending Flying Colors to everyone that has a dog. I can't say enough good things about the caring staff and the results they achieve. My dog loves being there.

by RatePoint Reviewer on Flying Colors Canine Academy
My Dog Toby Was Very Nervous And Shy, But After Taking The 5 Day Residential Training Program...

My dog Toby was very nervous and shy, but after taking the 5 day residential training program he's SO much better. The program and the trainers have greatly increased his confidence, which my friends and family were able to notice right away. They also taught me how to continue with what he's learned and even gave me hope than we can someday pursue becoming a therapy team!

by Mike And Julie Reed on Flying Colors Canine Academy
Hi Clarice, We Would Just Like You To Know How Much We Appreciate What You Have Done

Hi Clarice, we would just like you to know how much we appreciate what you have done for Bradshaw and us! Bradshaw has been home for almost 2 weeks now. His daily humpings of our other dog have ceased (Butkus thanks you too). He dutifully goes to his "place" when told, and he hasn't ravaged not one pillow (or illegal food stuff) since he has been home. He no longer sits and incessantly licks our elbows as we are watching a movie, but instead sits quietly and chews his bone...which by the way he doesn't try pestering our other dog with that bone anymore. He is no longer a wayward scoundrel, but a respectfully adorable dog that we knew he could be. You certainly brought out the best in him! We wish that you provided a 2 week residential program for teens 🙂 Thanks so much! Mike and Julie Reed (and 2 year old yellow lab ~ Bradshaw)

This Is Such A Valuable Service And A Great Company To Work With!

This is such a valuable service and a great company to work with! We took a very unruly dog in to be trained and chose to leave our dog with the trainers for 10 days. It was difficult but they sent us pictures, videos and updates the whole time, so we could see she was doing well. We have a well behaved dog now, and life is so much less stressful! No more dashing out the door, pleasant walks, no more dumpster diving or counter surfing! They also trained us how to carry on the work they had begun and we are being very successful. Not to mention our dog loves going to the academy for the scent training classes for the fun of it!The employees and owner was very personable and great to work with. The prices are reasonable considering the results we were given.Flying Colors Canine Academy is well worth doing business with.

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