Fort Wayne’s Dog Friendly Stores

One of the rewards of having a well behaved dog is getting to take him into public and show off his awesome manners.  Also, the more places my dog can accompany me, the less time he has to spend home alone.  It’s a win-win!

A trip to Rural King with Comet

I often get asked which stores in Fort Wayne are dog friendly.  I will post photos on social media and the comments say, “You can take dogs THERE?”  So in an effort to spread the love, today’s post is about stores who welcome well behaved dogs.

I feel it is very important to stress that any time you are in public with your dog, you represent the “dog people.”  There are good reasons that dogs become banned from parks, outdoor restaurants, and stores.  Everyone I know seems to have a horror story:  “A filthy dog walked in and shook mud all over our merchandise.  A dog pooped on the sidewalk and no one
picked it up.  A dog bit someone!”  So please remember that while it’s a great privilege to take your dog in public, it’s also a great responsibility.  Your behavior (as well as your dog’s behavior) will directly influence whether more business welcome dogs, or more businesses ban dogs.  With this in mind, my list will be divided into levels based on behavior expectations.


LEVEL ONE.  These businesses are pretty much open to all dogs.

Pet Stores.  I especially like the Pet Supplies Plus stores.  They have great staff and don’t try to sell me training.

Farm Stores.  Tractor Supply Company and Rural King are my two favorites.


LEVEL TWO.  I only bring well behaved dogs to these places.

Gander Mountain.  Much of the store is carpeted, so I don’t take dogs who may have potty accidents.

Lunch at Qdoba with Cooper and Sadie

Lowe’s.  Please note that Home Depot and Menards DO NOT allow pets.

Your Bank or Credit Union.  I will often skip the drive-thru and go inside to do my banking if I have a dog with me.

Restaurants where you can order inside and eat outside.  My favorites are Qdoba, Moe’s, Panera Bread, and Noodle Bowl.  I leave my dog in the car when I order, then let them join me on the patio when I eat.  If you’re a “coffee person,” and your favorite coffee joint has outside seating, then you can most likely bring along your dog.

Farmer’s Markets.  If your local Farmer’s Market is outside, most of them allow dogs!


LEVEL THREE.  These places have the highest expectations for behavior.

Half Price Books.  The staff loves it when I bring dogs in.

Michaels.  You may want to avoid the aisles with lots of breakables.

Hobby Lobby.  Again, lots of breakables.  But tons of fun shopping!


Just to reiterate, please be courteous to employees as well as the other shoppers.  Keep in mind that not everyone loves dogs like you do.  Your responsible behavior can help ensure that Fort Wayne stays dog friendly!

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