Pedey’s Testimonial

This month’s testimonial comes from Jessica and Pedey. Pedey was wonderful with other dogs, but he was fearful of new people. He regularly lunged, growled, and snapped at strangers. With careful training we taught Pedey to be more comfortable around strange situations and to focus on Jessica (instead of focusing on all of the “scary” things). We even worked specifically on the elevator in Jessica’s apartment building.

Jessica moved to Boston and we were happy to receive this update from her: “Pedey and I are back in Massachusetts and he is adjusting very well! He still is rocking place, loves playing with his Dad (my boyfriend who was long distance) and exploring new places like the beach! He loved going into the water, which is odd considering he has hated the water in the past! Now that we’ve been here a couple days he’s starting to love the extra attention from my parents too. Thank you for helping to get him prepared for the move!”


Great job, Jessica! I know you and Pedey have many adventures ahead of you!

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